Title: kirrrrkkkk..? ITS KAHNNNNNN CALLING..
created on 06 Aug 19

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1. chellalynn wrote:
 maybe a version of captain jack sparrow gone space.....lol I should write Disney...lol.. thank you all for your kind comments..Ive been busy and haven't been able to thank you all nor comment on your new art as well. its been hectic..but each day i'm m
2. KliaMia wrote:
 but each day your m...? What? Don't leave us hanging...each day you're "Making progress"? "Mildly amused"? LOL - Cute picture :)
3. chellalynn wrote:
 more and more thankful for TD and the TD family. each day is easier thanks to you all.
4. Lizzi wrote:
 Lol, excellent use of this palette. Good one!
5. indigo wrote:
 Ditto Lizzi!
6. chellalynn wrote:
 thank you so very much !
7. AFSOUTH wrote: