Title: I try and try to center it but cannot!
created on 08 Apr 19

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1. indigo wrote:
 Keep practicing! Your "eye" will get beter. I delete and start over many times. :)
2. linmar wrote:
 ditto indigo! I am enjoying your designgs. I sometimes start with the grey-with-black-criss-cross-lines background which gives you a grid for positioning..you can change to other backgrounds as you draw
3. evefoster wrote:
 i found a way to get it in the center every time... i guess it is cheating , but, oh well...
4. evefoster wrote:
 go to the background with all the diamond shapes put your first piece on the center, then choose the background you want...
5. chellalynn wrote:
 omg thank you all sooo much! This is my therapy now, I use to craft a lot but I take care of my mother now..so I don't have the time for my shop. (in the house a lot more these days )o:) so every chance I get Im trying to master this.. I Love It!! so
6. linmar wrote:
 :D it is quite relaxing..a creative outlet and a way to focus one's mind for a bit..you are doing well and i am enjoying your creativity and humor!

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