Title: Variations on ......
created on 26 Feb 19

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1. patsypie wrote:
 Whoops, thought I could use more than one background. This was going to be variation on a theme. Now you will never know.
2. indigo wrote:
 Nicely done!
3. katidid wrote:
4. Gina888 wrote:
5. evefoster wrote:
 this might show my age but she reminds me of two characters on Gilligan's Island ,(and old TV show)
6. evefoster wrote:
 lets see, Thurston Howell's wife Lovey... but then the braids reminds me of Mary Ann
7. evefoster wrote:
 its like Mary Ann gave Lovey a makeover
8. Gina888 wrote:
 Verykool, Can I share it on facebook giving you the credit?
9. Gina888 wrote:
 or I can share your pic link to this page. I know a lot of people "friends" who love great art.
10. patsypie wrote:
 Haha Gina888. Be my guest.

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