created on 11 Feb 19

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1. Hazer wrote:
 Good morning, Indigo! It is -28 here and has been even coder at -31 for over a week now.
2. indigo wrote:
 I know! What a winter we're having! We have a storm watch on for tomorrow into Wednesday, could be up to 35cm snow. At least it will cover the shiny, icy snow that we have now.
3. indigo wrote:
 I'm also tired of hearing the furnace and the dryness. Can't wait to open windows and hear the birds, smell the earth as the snow melts. :)
4. Hazer wrote:
 There are eight or nine deer that hang out in front of my apartment (the maintenance man purposely spills "birdseed").
5. Hazer wrote:
 The oldest doe sleeps up against my window to try and get some extra warmth. Poor thing.
6. indigo wrote:
 Lucky you! I have hares and squirrels (black, grey and some reds) Chipmunks later. Sounds like the maintenance man and I would get along, as my squirrels are fat with the unsalted peanuts that I put out. Psst.. don't tell the neighbours. ;)
7. Hazer wrote:
 :) I have moved to an apartment and rented out my house...I will have to check and see if they are feeding my little birds and squirrels.
8. Hazer wrote:
 I used to buy Rascals mix of seeds and nuts. The squirrels took the peanuts went first, then the sunflower seeds.Fun to watch them shell them.
9. linmar wrote:
 nice b&w design!! sad to say we have had an unusually long spell of freezing temps, strong wind and snow and more snow. at least the snow will give some protection to the plants..have tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, crocus well on their way in pots which ar
10. linmar wrote:
 ..are under about 6" of snow today. lots of things closed down including the university today. on the prairies this would be a nice winter day..not so much in vic!
11. indigo wrote:
 I know Linmar. My sister-in-law sent me pics by email and called last night pretending to cry... LOL! Then I said oh yeah well we have a storm watch Tuesday into Wednesday for 40cm! It's a Colorado Low. Let's make more Spring pic! ;))
12. AFSOUTH wrote:
13. lexa wrote:
 love this B&W. . . it actually has some depth, which makes it so artful. . . NYC - we had ice the other day which turned to slush. it would be nice to have at least one snow fall - so send some over here - really. . .
14. indigo wrote:
 Hey lexa I'd love to share some snow with you! :)
15. katidid wrote:

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