Title: Once in a Blue Moon
created on 20 Jan 19

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1. bugoy1 wrote:
 This is wonderful work!
2. chelydra wrote:
 had to bump another of yours to make room for a fave. Blue Moon, hello?
3. chelydra wrote:
 140 pix in 65 days must have broken some records!
4. indigo wrote:
 Beautifully done!I had to bump another of yours also. Two of my favourites, trees and the moon. :)
5. evefoster wrote:
 these past few weeks i have literally been stuck in bed . first Charis (5 years old) and now Esther (just under two)
6. evefoster wrote:
 they have had fever for over 6 days..neither one had ever been sick before.. Esther only wants to be in my arms ...which i love...yesterday was the first
7. evefoster wrote:
 day she didn't have a temp!!!but she still is healing.. but thank you guys sooo much for taking the time to tell me that you like my pictures
8. evefoster wrote:
 it really means a whole lot, especially coming from such lovely and talented people as you are, Indigo, Chelydra, aka, Big C & Bugoy1.. really thank you for y'als nice words
9. Normal wrote:
 Beautifully built astro-tree! Hope you got a peek at the Super blood moon eclipse last night,
10. evefoster wrote:
 I Totally Missed IT!!! Didn't mean to , but did
11. Qsilv wrote:
 Your work just keeps getting stronger & richer! (And thanks for your gracious comments to me; they helped refocus me on what matters.) ;>
12. evefoster wrote:
 Osliv !!!! OH my Goodness!!!! I am so Glad Your back, I was just wondering where you were...
13. evefoster wrote:
  Osliv,I love seeing your Work..I can't wait to see more.
14. AFSOUTH wrote:
15. elilow wrote:
16. katidid wrote:
 Very nice!