Title: better left unread than dead
created on 07 Jan 19

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1. evefoster wrote:
 that sucked!!!
2. evefoster wrote:
 I think this takes great amounts of patience... i am sure i dont have that yet
3. evefoster wrote:
 I thought it would be cool to make debris come forth from the explosion toward the watcher, but lost my patience with it
4. indigo wrote:
 You're too hard on yourself. It's fun to watch!
5. chelydra wrote:
 This is great. Quit beating yourself up!
6. Normal wrote:
 You have the courage to do animation - good going.
7. katidid wrote:
 love the bumping, and then the explosion. Hope no one got hurt, hey had escape capsules of course. :-)
8. zachblackard wrote:
 Wow I really like this, I definitely wouldnt have the patience to do something so cool like this gj my dude

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