Title: wedding cake
created on 23 Aug 18

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Comments on this picture (11):
1. starlight7 wrote:
2. bugoy1 wrote:
 Nicely decorated :)
3. janice wrote:
 thank you starlight7, glad you like my cake :)
4. janice wrote:
 thank you, bugoy 1 :)
5. indigo wrote:
6. janice wrote:
 thank you indigo :) I use to make wedding cakes, and all kinds of cakes, did not do it for awhile, but started making them again! :)
7. Normal wrote:
 That's a hard job to get right! Nice drawing too.
8. janice wrote:
 thank you Normal glad you like my cake :) many years ago I took my portfolio of cakes to a grocery store they saw my work and the Lord blessed I got hired that day, the other cakes I did out of my Mom's house for family and friends, and worked for an ice
9. janice wrote:
 cream place too!
10. Billa wrote:
 Lovelyyyy :D
11. janice wrote:
 thank you Billa :)