Title: Long Beach NY Tuesday 6pm
created on 21 Jun 18

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1. lexa wrote:
 really well done - love the way the people are bounding into the waves. and the colors of the sea are so varied with such depth.
2. Vals wrote:
 Lovely pic!
3. indigo wrote:
 Well done! I can hear the laughter and the waves!
4. chelydra wrote:
 Thanks... a colorful photo jumped off the screen at me as I was perusing the news from home. Assumed it was for a story about the start of summer on Long Island and didn't even look until I was mentally think-drawing it.
5. chelydra wrote:
 Lots of people holding hands while walking through choppy surf and strong currents in late afternoon? Never saw that before. A new fad? Sadly, no. But by the time I read the actual story, I was already committed to the think-drawing. So here it is, dedica
6. chelydra wrote:
 ...dedicated to the memory of the younger of two brothers (aged 11 and 10) who decided to take a bus on their own down to the beach, a few days before lifeguards are on duty on June weekdays. The picture shows off-duty lifeguards volunteering for search d
7. chelydra wrote:
 ...duty. I was reminded of the unearthly beauty of sea and afternoon light after Flight 800 went down off my home town, debris bobbing on the waves, sun refracted through 230 souls hovering like an invisible mist.
8. Normal wrote:
 How awful! Bless those guys for trying against all odds.
9. chelydra wrote:
 A moral of the story? Maybe something along the lines of mortality being inseparable from love, laughter and beauty. We can still appreciates the adventurousness of two little brothers, the mad risk they were old enough to know they were taking, knowing t
10. chelydra wrote:
 ...the joy that comes with reckless danger. The beach where I grew up no longer allows for moonlit skinny-dipping, it's lit up with spotlights all night to keep us out of trouble.
11. chelydra wrote:
 Heartbreaking when it goes wrong, but what are hearts for? Courage, love, joy, sadness...so the best memorial is to acknowledge the bright beauty of that late afternoon sun dancing on cold rough waves.
12. chelydra wrote:
 Footnotes: (1) I had a good friend who lived a year or two under the boardwalk that runs along that same beach. Lots of people did at that time. (2) Sun direction should be comes from the right; the picture shows 6am because the piece are lit from the eas
13. chelydra wrote:
 ...east. (Long Island's south shore is where the ocean is.)
14. chelydra wrote:
 typo: [sun should be] comes > coming (To me this looks glaringly wrong, since I've barely ever seen any ocean except when looking south off Long Island, and time of day matters.)
15. AFSOUTH wrote:
 Absolutely Outstanding and well-presented!
16. starlight7 wrote:
 Tragic. But a wonderful Pic.
17. katidid wrote:
18. hjjr wrote:
 the ocean draws us in...
19. priya41 wrote:
 wonderfully done
20. gimzer wrote:
 intensely beautiful
21. Angelia wrote:
 Perfect day at the beach!!! I want to go there!!

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