Title: the great outdoorsman
created on 13 Jun 18

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Comments on this picture (7):
1. Sakari wrote:
 Interesting hair.
2. hjjr wrote:
 i like your style, artdillon. this guy looks lean and strong enough to survive in the wilds
3. indigo wrote:
 Face of a warrior. Ditto hjjr.
4. Normal wrote:
 I like the leafy sinuses! Good one.
5. Angelia wrote:
 Wow!! This is amazing!!! The highlights and shadows are fantastic!
6. chelydra wrote:
 When you first put this up I looked at it for a long long time trying to see what sort of wizardry going to reveal itself. (Saw nothing, gave it a star for nice shapes) I didn't see any face until the next day!
7. starlight7 wrote: