Title: S is for Samoan Sunrise
created on 22 Apr 18


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1. indigo wrote:
 I give you 100 stars! Amazing wave action, great mountains and that tree!!
2. hjjr wrote:
 such a special and spectacular sunrise on a super Sunday... just swell.
3. Daydreamer wrote:
 Lol, hjjr...this showcase is really giving my alliteration muscles a workout!
4. artdillon wrote:
 so well put together with a great result.
5. AFSOUTH wrote:
 Outstanding & spectacular!
6. Normal wrote:
 And Sudden Serenity!
7. janice wrote:
8. mekeys wrote:
9. ceniracoura wrote:
10. bugoy1 wrote:
11. katidid wrote:
 Beautiful and serene! A picture postcard!
12. lexa wrote:
 Looks a real painting- can't tell at all the shapes that created it - wonderful ! :)
13. hxxhxx wrote:
 Our world is so beautiful and fragile ... yet we pollute and litter and overpopulate and weaponize ... and a certain idiot took America out of the global agreement to at least stop worsening our world. Sigh.
14. belladonnis wrote:
15. karbs wrote:
 AMAZING!! wish I was there!
16. Angelia wrote:
 Gorgeous!! Ditto to all the above!
17. starlight7 wrote:
18. richka1 wrote:
 Love the wave breaks!
19. katiewatts2 wrote:
 wish I could be in a place like this right now!
20. rubybest wrote:
 Insane how real this looks!!
21. woolseyki wrote:
22. Marahharris wrote:
23. Jakeowenn17 wrote:
 so cool!
24. Jessistrain3 wrote:
 This is so pretty! I love the colors you chose.
25. annanielson wrote:
 Aww man, I know my next vacation spot!!
26. Handsdown wrote:
 this is dope
27. Normal wrote:
 5/08 Your beauty spot graces JigSawDoku today!
28. gimzer wrote:
29. Shanley wrote:
 what a gem!
30. dazhaneb wrote:
 this is absolutely amazing!!
31. evefoster wrote:
  WEll, everyone said everything , what can I say, other than , I AGREE WITH THEM ALL.. Nice work, Daydreamer
32. NanaS wrote:
 Wow! I'd like to vacation there please!
33. indigo wrote:
 I was commenting and voting on your Easter hat and glanced over at your gallery and this one I must say still takes my breath away!!
34. chelydra wrote:
 In response to hxxhxx's comment #13, there is a Samoa with a sunny smile (who might be on the rise despite endless slanders) trying to fix all that.