Title: Home
created on 11 Mar 18

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Comments on this picture (16):
1. janice wrote:
2. Burgandy wrote:
 Love the setting, the texture and how peaceful it is!
3. indigo wrote:
 Can I be your neighbor... Please! Beautifully done!
4. Normal wrote:
 Lucky you! Well done.
5. priya41 wrote:
 Love this! Great use of those pieces!
6. annanielson wrote:
7. chelydra wrote:
 gorgeous patchwork
8. Auraintellect wrote:
9. hjjr wrote:
10. katidid wrote:
11. gimzer wrote:
12. AFSOUTH wrote:
13. lexa wrote:
 really great - love it - feels like a real place. . .:}
14. Autumnlily199 wrote:
 Looks very cozy!
15. Handsdown wrote:
16. lexa wrote:
 you used the palette pieces so creatively!