Title: August 1976
created on 07 Mar 18

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1. chelydra wrote:
 Corn-hoeing memories. By late afternoon, the endless rows of shafts, shoots and doubles (which I was supposed to be able to tell apart, and hoe accordingly) began to swirl and ascend into the azure dome above.
2. AFSOUTH wrote:
3. Normal wrote:
 Lots of that around here...Well shown experience. Wonder if you had to detassle too?
4. Lolla wrote:
 Thanx for the fav. but as long as I am enjoying scrambling along I am happy and grateful!!!
5. chelydra wrote:
 No detassling... maybe I got out (was invited to get out) in the knick of time.
6. hjjr wrote:
 back in 1976, after the corn was reaped on the local corn field, we used to gather the left-over corn for our horses. that was a scratchy business.
7. chelydra wrote:
 This cornfield mostly serviced a farmstand. No leftovers. Fresh-picked ears went into a well-shaded bin three or four times a day. Most people have NO idea what corn on the cob tastes like in real life.
8. chelydra wrote:
 The beautiful daughter-in-law of my dear departed boss may be joining us here before long.
9. Qsilv wrote:
 Magical colors!("here" in TD -or Oz)
10. katidid wrote:

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