Title: Figure Study VIII
created on 01 Mar 18


Comments on this picture (20):
1. teach wrote:
 Wow! Very well done!
2. indigo wrote:
 WOW indeed! I second that!
3. Normal wrote:
 Hard to believe this emerged from gothic bits! Nice going.
4. katidid wrote:
 Super! Nice to see you drawing!
5. bugoy1 wrote:
 Thanks! It's been almost a year
6. deckerwe wrote:
 Very cool!
7. starlight7 wrote:
 Wow! I want a poster of this!
8. Emmalelu wrote:
 this is insane!! i cant even wrap my head around this skill...
9. katiewatts2 wrote:
 This is so good!
10. hjjr wrote:
 wow wow wow
11. Hazer wrote:
12. priya41 wrote:
 Great job ! That too in Gothics!
13. Lizzi wrote:
 Saw this on Jigsawdoku and said "That's Bugoy1".
14. gimzer wrote:
15. AFSOUTH wrote:
16. lexa wrote:
 Wow! shape and emotional expression. an Artist !!
17. Angelia wrote:
 Fantastic!! The lighting is beautiful!
18. Handsdown wrote:
 This is really good.
19. tenneyzo wrote:
 That's crazy!!
20. okeanos wrote:
 ditto all