Title: mr g getting some eats
created on 07 Feb 18

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Comments on this picture (12):
1. janice wrote:
 love! :) Welcome to Think Draw!
2. Normal wrote:
 There's a reason for that long neck! Nice start - hope you have fun on TD with us.
3. hjjr wrote:
4. Daydreamer wrote:
 Great first pic! Welcome to TD!
5. katidid wrote:
 Ditto! Welcome to TD Itsgucciiii23!
6. rubybest wrote:
 So fun! Love the creativity
7. mailinhtranh wrote:
 Một chú hươu thật là đáng yêu!
8. indigo wrote:
 Nicely done! Welcome to TD! :)
9. annanielson wrote:
 Fun angle
10. priya41 wrote:
 great first pic!
11. Autumnlily199 wrote:
 It's so cute!
12. ingramtr3 wrote:
 I love the horn (if that is the proper term for it) on its head.

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