Title: yellowstone thunder storm
created on 24 Aug 17

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Comments on this picture (12):
1. Normal wrote:
 Great to see you back! Hope the current Interior folks are maintaining the migration corridors...Great view of the parklands.
2. Fangzzz wrote:
 Love your bison!
3. AFSOUTH wrote:
4. bugoy1 wrote:
 Good to see you drawing again. Terrific pic of Yellowstone!
5. clorophilla wrote:
 great storming athmosphere!
6. indigo wrote:
 Welcome back! :D
7. coho wrote:
 hey indigo! glad to see everyones new pics!
8. katidid wrote:
 Great bison!
9. KJLavigne wrote:
10. janice wrote:
 Very good!
11. Normal wrote:
 9/17 He adorns JigSawDoku today!
12. coho wrote:
 what the heck is jig saw sudoko?