Title: 8-21 Ring of Fire*
created on 11 Aug 17

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Comments on this picture (6):
1. Daydreamer wrote:
 *With apologies to Katidid, for stealing this idea! I couldn't resist!
2. Normal wrote:
 I was thinking about this idea too, as eclipse day draws near! Mid-Illinois won't get the total though.
3. indigo wrote:
 I don't believe it will be that noticeable here in Ottawa, Ontario. Hope to enjoy the Perseids though. :) Nicely done Daydreamer.
4. Daydreamer wrote:
 SW Missouri is supposed to get 96%--I think that will be noticeable enough for me!
5. katidid wrote:
 Good one! No apologies needed! :-) We all get ideas from others.
6. priya41 wrote:
 Good one!