Title: Forest Fire at Night
created on 11 Aug 17

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Comments on this picture (9):
1. indigo wrote:
 Scary and sad! Well done!
2. Daydreamer wrote:
 I know, indigo--forest fires are devastating :(
3. Normal wrote:
 Scary indeed! And thanks to the brave souls who work so hard to contain the damage,
4. AFSOUTH wrote:
5. priya41 wrote:
 Yes.......but very well done!
6. katidid wrote:
 So well done! Those squirrels are smoking! :-)
7. hjjr wrote:
 captures the fury of fire
8. starlight7 wrote:
 Amazing! So well done.
9. Fangzzz wrote:
 I wish there were bookmarks to let you know where your review of drawings last left off, I nearly missed this one. The dark foreground makes a dramatic contrast to the fire.