Title: Jewell of the Space Garden
created on 11 Apr 16

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Comments on this picture (15):
1. Sakari wrote:
2. Daydreamer wrote:
 Now that's a flower--jazzy!
3. Lolla wrote:
 A jewel indeed!!!
4. indigo wrote:
 "Far out"! :)
5. Burgandy wrote:
 This is one of your signature pics. Love it:)
6. hjjr wrote:
 good stuff
7. katidid wrote:
 Bedazzled! Neat!
8. AFSOUTH wrote:
9. Shanley wrote:
 very pretty!
10. priya41 wrote:
11. KJLavigne wrote:
 Wonderful image!
12. clrmered wrote:
13. Lazy wrote:
 Sticks out like a sore thumb, in a good way! ;)
14. mum23 wrote:
 Love the luminosity of this!
15. RyArbon wrote:
 Very creative!! I love it!