Title: Birth of 2016
created on 31 Dec 15

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Comments on this picture (12):
1. Fangzzz wrote:
 May 2016 pour forth blessings of beauty, imagination, wonder and discovery for all ThinkDrawers Happy New Year!
2. katidid wrote:
 Thank you Fangzzz, and ditto that! Neat pic!
3. fairdealing wrote:
 Happy New Year!
4. Shanley wrote:
 Happy New Year, Fangzzz!
5. clrmered wrote:
 Happy New Year!
6. mum23 wrote:
 Lovely picture and sentiments... Happy New Year!
7. bluemoon wrote:
 happy new year!
8. clorophilla wrote:
 thank you Fangzz!and ditto for you!
9. Roza58 wrote:
 Thank You and to You too!
10. Vals wrote:
 Happy New Year.
11. hjjr wrote:
 lovely pic for a Happy New Year
12. KJLavigne wrote: