Title: Fun in the Sun
created on 10 Sep 15

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Comments on this picture (16):
1. AFSOUTH wrote:
 Nice to see your artwork again NADIA. This is a beauty!
2. bugoy1 wrote:
 I love the harmony of color here!
3. Shanley wrote:
 very nice pic and great to see you again, Nadia!
4. katidid wrote:
 Nice flamingo! 3+ years since your last pic., welcome back!
5. chirping1 wrote:
 Ditto bugoy1
6. Lolla wrote:
 They are awesome in the Pretoria Zoo together with the only white ones.
7. clrmered wrote:
 very nice pic...
8. pinkie wrote:
 So nice to see you again! Wonderful flamingo!
9. Burgandy wrote:
 Are you kidding me - is it really Nadia - I just barely got over missing you:) Great to see you!! And your Talent!!
10. indigo wrote:
 YAAY! You're back! And with a gorgeous flamingo! Good to see you! *{*
11. Normal wrote:
 Your bird is a real jewel!
12. hjjr wrote:
13. KJLavigne wrote:
 Love this!
14. priya41 wrote:
 Wonderful! Nice to see your art again!
15. hxxhxx wrote:
 color is PURE GENIUS, I stared and stared, admiring ...
16. Hummingbird wrote:
 Beautiful pic! Congrats on TOP 5!!