Title: Sailing on rough waters
created on 07 Sep 15

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Comments on this picture (15):
1. Shanley wrote:
 For Indigo's challenge: Sail away
2. bugoy1 wrote:
 Colorful and fun!
3. Normal wrote:
 I'll say! Hope she's very seaworthy.
4. chirping1 wrote:
 That's some wave, hope she makes it safely down the other side
5. baby wrote:
 Beautiful! Love the colors!
6. Angela wrote:
 Yow... Talk about off-balance!
7. five wrote:
8. katidid wrote:
 Neat ship!
9. hjjr wrote:
 great drama, great pic
10. indigo wrote:
 VERY good! It's making me seasick! LOL! Nice moon and reflection! *{*
11. indigo wrote:
 Congratulations Shanley! You are the winner of the Sail Away Challenge. *{*
12. chelydra wrote:
 Very cute, but I mean High Cuteness if that's a workable concept (as in High Renaissance etc)... Magnificent colors!
13. KJLavigne wrote:
 I got so sea sick once that I couldn't get my legs for a day or two! Well done!
14. mum23 wrote:
 So different! Cartoony yet not cartoony... and very good!
15. artdillon wrote:
 love it Shanley it s a pity previous pics cant be reused this one for instance would have been perfect for the current showcase, great image.