Title: Wishes Sailing to Sea
created on 18 Aug 15

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Comments on this picture (6):
1. clrmered wrote:
 Thailand New Year, Using paper plates, candles,,,lit, & many dreams set afloat & if it came back to you the dreams & wishes would not come true.
2. priya41 wrote:
 interesting....and nicely done!
3. Roza58 wrote:
 Very nice!
4. katidid wrote:
 I like the way you have the water moving the 'dreams and wishes' out to sea. Neat!
5. indigo wrote:
 I found this interesting also and ditto katidid! You should add this to the Sail Away challenge. *{*
6. Normal wrote:
 I've heard the expression "if wishes were horses," but it's fun to make them candlelit boats. Lovely!