Title: Paper bag
created on 16 Aug 15

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Comments on this picture (26):
1. pinkie wrote:
 Good idea!
2. bugoy1 wrote:
 You've turned looking at lunch into Art. Well done!
3. Vals wrote:
 Good job!
4. hjjr wrote:
 great job
5. Normal wrote:
 Elegant version of such a simple everyday object!
6. indigo wrote:
7. Shanley wrote:
 wow...love it!
8. Burgandy wrote:
 Oh boy - lunch:)
9. katidid wrote:
 Clever and so well done!
10. alanator wrote:
 Nice bag,what is in it?
11. clrmered wrote:
 is that lunch? very good!
12. clorophilla wrote:
 ditto Normal! amazing result
13. priya41 wrote:
 VERY very nice!!
14. Roza58 wrote:
 The best!!!
15. Lizzi wrote:
 At first glance, I thought it was a dancer. Amazing!
16. mekeys wrote:
 Well done.!!!
17. mum23 wrote:
18. janice wrote:
 very good!
19. 56rosie wrote:
 Wow...such a creative idea and the detail is amazing. especially in 'space' theme.
20. tinkerer wrote:
 Incredible, creative.
21. farout wrote:
 Congratulations great bag.:)
22. hxxhxx wrote:
 the most special paper bag I've ever seen!
23. gimzer wrote:
24. AFSOUTH wrote:
  Congratulations on well deserved Top 10's for 2015 chirping1!
25. gimzer wrote:
 Congratulation on Top 10!
26. katidid wrote:
 Congrats on Top 10!