Title: butterflyXI
created on 09 Aug 15

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1. katidid wrote:
 So nice! Congratulations on "Eleven pallets" of butterflies! If you need help on posting to the gallery just let me know. (I usually make up the list on a word doc. and copy the whole thing at once and paste.)
2. clrmered wrote:
 wow, that looks like the fly eating plant... neat
3. pinkie wrote:
 A good butterfly picture! Interesting plants!
4. priya41 wrote:
 Very nice! Congratulations on "eleven pallettes - one pic "!
5. indigo wrote:
 Beautiful! I think clrmered means Venus Flytrap plant. ^{^
6. clrmered wrote:
 lol I couldn't think of the name indigo, thanks, but I had one years ago that did attract flies and close up and digest them... I called it Egore
7. Roza58 wrote:
 I just love to draw and I'm happy if you like it.
8. katidid wrote:
 Roza, I noticed you have not added your butterflies to the Eleven Pics gallery. In case you can't find it, here is the URL: http://www.thinkdraw.com/forumPosts.
php?topicId=1529 If you want them there and need help, just let me know. :-)
9. katidid wrote:
 Congratulations on your TOP FIVES!