Title: Wreck in the woods
created on 16 Apr 14

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1. chirping1 wrote:
 Umm, don't know what happened to the left hand lamp, they were the same size until I saved the picture!
2. bluemoon wrote:
 perfect atmosphere
3. chelydra wrote:
 what happened? it's like you suddenly discovered some new artistic powers - hope you didn't sell your soul to the devil in exchange or something... (?!!!)
4. chelydra wrote:
 (Not that you haven't been very good all along, of course.)
5. chirping1 wrote:
 Chelydra if you are trying to say I am inconsistant then you are probably right. I often have to doodle for a while, doing simple pictures as a warm up exercise before I get the inspiration to tackle something harder.
6. Conniec wrote:
 I like this, like the way the wood is growing around the car
7. priya41 wrote:
 Very good pic! :-)
8. janice wrote:
 very well done, reminded me of a scene from Driving Miss Daisy, when she goes over the wall,
9. indigo wrote:
 Well done chirping! Reminds me of a good mystery. I think Hercule Poirot may be lurking around the corner... =J*
10. indigo wrote:
 I forgot to say that I have been having trouble with the "pieces" flying around or sticking here and there. I think the mouse is having problems...
11. chirping1 wrote:
 Every now and then I find the pieces won't rotate/resize properly or even disappear for a few seconds but this is the first time I've had one change size when I save the picture.
12. chirping1 wrote:
 I'll just have to pretend it was deliberate!!
13. Normal wrote:
 Looks like it's been there a few years - plenty of time for a headlight to go awry! Intriguing scene.
14. puzzler wrote:
 Maybe it was the giant King Kong lurking in the background that tampered with the light? Or is it just me that can see it?
15. chirping1 wrote:
 Lol! I can see it now you've mentioned it, although I don't remember King Kong being pink!
16. Lizzi wrote:
 I like the windows and the vines creeping over the incredible hulk. What a sad and lonely sight!
17. crane wrote:
 love this picture I bet the car could tell many a story.
18. linmar wrote:
 good one!
19. clorophilla wrote:
 intriguing scene... And Chirping, The re-sizing piece after being submitted happened to me too
20. chirping1 wrote:
 Ummm...sounds like there maybe a glitch or two in there somewhere
21. suzze wrote:
22. Login wrote:
 They obviously wanted it to be found ... left the lights on. ;)