Title: FT- Babe
created on 18 Mar 14

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Comments on this picture (14):
1. Angela wrote:
 Love that pig! Very cute.
2. Lizzi wrote:
 Gorgeous! And it's a perfect likeness.
3. indigo wrote:
 Well done chirping! Love the two Babe movies! *J*
4. hjjr wrote:
 sweetness and delight
5. priya41 wrote:
 ditto hjjr!
6. janice wrote:
 I think you have done a great job, :)
7. chirping1 wrote:
 Thanks Janice :)
8. Normal wrote:
 This was perfect! My computer must have blitzed out on the writing, so I missed commenting.
9. DilCoura wrote:
10. chelydra wrote:
 Just right, great flick.
11. KJLavigne wrote:
12. suzze wrote:
13. clorophilla wrote:
14. farout wrote:
 I love Babe well done:)