Title: Facade Lake
created on 13 Nov 13

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Comments on this picture (26):
1. five wrote:
 Great color
2. bluemoon wrote:
3. Hazer wrote:
 Love it!
4. Normal wrote:
 Wonderful image!
5. Hobbes wrote:
6. priya41 wrote:
 wonderfully done!!
7. clorophilla wrote:
 I had to make the PB for understanding how you made this INCREDIBLE blue in faces... outstanding!!
8. okeanos wrote:
 very nice work!
9. indigo wrote:
 Love, love the colors! So majestic and well done!! Ditto clo. *J*
10. pinkie wrote:
 Well done!
11. Bowden wrote:
 Wow! This is amazing. What great use of that background.
12. hjjr wrote:
13. Lizzi wrote:
 I watched it twice and now my fingers are sore. You worked that earring to death but what a great result!
14. bugoy1 wrote:
 Thanks! The Faces palette needed some blue. It is a pain, but I think it's worth it.
15. indigo wrote:
 You're right bugoy! *J*
16. vitula wrote:
17. sandm wrote:
 Tja, was kann ich da noch sagen, was du nicht eh schon weißt:) .. faszinierend, wie dieses Blau aus dem "Nichts" entsteht.
18. AFSOUTH wrote:
 Outstanding artwork bugoy1!
19. suzze wrote:
20. KJLavigne wrote:
21. indigo wrote:
 Congratulations on your TOP 5 wins bugoy! *J*
22. bugoy1 wrote:
 Thank You!
23. pinkie wrote:
 Congrats on your Top5 wins!
24. chelydra wrote:
 intense... and a belated congrats on your seventy-five or so top 5's (in case I forgot to mention before).
25. bugoy1 wrote:
 Thanks! But I've only had about twenty. Seventy-five sounds good though :)
26. hjjr wrote:
 came back to watch the pb again oct 2018... whew