Title: Joke: Round-Tuit, when you get around .
created on 11 Oct 13

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1. hxxhxx wrote:
 You say you'll get around to it. Well, here is your round tuit. Now you can do whatever you promised! Ha ha.
2. indigo wrote:
 Hey, longtime no see! Thanks for the Round-Tuit... will come in handy with my Think Draw addiction. -J*
3. Lizzi wrote:
 ^_^ I did not see this in October...it's pretty neat! And just what a procrastinator needs. Strays - I have taken in more than a few and you are right. The joy is great but first you have to endure the Cat Wars! Merry Christmas to you and yours!
4. Lizzi wrote:
 I just looked at your gallery and I see that this is the first picture you have made since I joined TD in May/10. You're a pioneer on this site!
5. hjjr wrote:
 Thank you for your very kind comments... glad you got around to a new TD pic! All the best to you in the new year!
6. AFSOUTH wrote:
 Happy New Year
7. artdillon wrote:
 nice wheel
8. marg wrote:
 oh wow, hxx.. you're back - and your comment really made my day :)
9. Burgandy wrote:
 Your comment made me chuckle:) I can tell you have an active imagination, and a sense of humor even by this pic:) Good Combo!
10. lexa wrote:

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