Title: The Haunted Training Ship
created on 09 Sep 13


Comments on this picture (33):
1. chelydra wrote:
 Esmeralda — the Chilean Navy's training ship and floating torture chamber.
2. Normal wrote:
 Amazing grace put together with stones! I believe I've seen her at a tall ships gathering in Hamburg. Did not know the hideous use during the Pinochet era, this would have been c. 1987.
3. Hazer wrote:
 Excellent....and please do draw your haunted schoolhouse. I would love to see it!
4. mum23 wrote:
 Ooh... you did it! She's magnificent!
5. clorophilla wrote:
 your vessels are always the best. Please let us know more about the subject, I love to read some abstract from your Chelydrapedia!
6. okeanos wrote:
 this is so nice!!
7. indigo wrote:
 Ditto ALL the above!
8. Bowden wrote:
 Stunning, majestic really beautiful.
9. chelydra wrote:
 On July 4 1976, I went with a friend to see the "tall ships" procession through New York harbor, past the Statue of Liberty, twin towers etc, from a nice vantage point at Red Hook, Brooklyn. I was only mildly impressed (being more concerned with where the
10. chelydra wrote:
 ...US was heading politically in the wake of Watergate and Vietnam, hearing a radio drama encapsulating US history with nary a word about Indians or African slavery, and seeing a couple of old farts walking the streets at 5 AM in colonial outfits)...
11. chelydra wrote:
 Then dozed off a while in July sun, and woke to behold the greatest of the ships, and I just gazed in awe as it majestically drifted by...
12. chelydra wrote:
 It was a strange, deep sensation I only experienced one other time, gazing out across the ocean the day after Flight 800 went down right there (off my home town beach) about 20 yrs later
13. chelydra wrote:
 But I didn't know until hours later, examining a subway poster showing all the ships, that it was the notorious Esmeralda that had been so mesmerizing and moving a sight... I figured it must have been all those ghosts...
14. chelydra wrote:
 BTW "right there" meant that part of the ocean off my home town -- Flight 800 was not the plane that landed in NY harbor a few yrs ago)
15. chelydra wrote:
 BTW2 - I did this before seeing Hazer's haunted schoolhouse, and after forgetting I did another ghost ship a couple of pix ago. But then, ghosts should get more attention than they do, and more respect.
16. Burgandy wrote:
 Glad I'm not on this ride - I'm to chicken to jump overboard to get away. Magnificence in this pic!
17. Normal wrote:
 I think the Hamburg event may have been the city's 800th anniversary. Got to board the Polish and German ships. Also remember the Italian one.
18. Lizzi wrote:
 I usually hate pictures of ships out on the ocean with no land in sight. It's such a dismal idea, but I do like the bright sky and the sunshine on the sails. Too bad about the history.
19. methusalinka wrote:
  hej again chelydra good to see you again and see your art again. but ...to give you my reaction to the torture inside that esmeralda I can only do telling you
20. methusalinka wrote:
  that torture has been a huge part of my own life. so I rather now say welcome on board this ship that we all share. as friends who care for one another and love life and art.
21. methusalinka wrote:
 but of course all your ships are magic and so real .I respect no ghosts. they dont make the torture undone. or the dead ones live again. but I do respect you and your art.
22. clorophilla wrote:
 thank you Chelidra, Sad and meaningful story.
23. five wrote:
 Always good to see you back here. Excellent pic as usual
24. priya41 wrote:
 GREAT pic! with interesting comments and background though eerie
25. suzze wrote:
26. marg wrote:
 missed this - and it's awesome (of course)
27. KJLavigne wrote:
28. bugoy1 wrote:
 Absolutely beautiful!
29. chelydra wrote:
 Thanks all
30. Chrissyjoy wrote:
 Oooh Chelydra this is phenomenal! So dramatic and beautiful. I should browse here more often, it's always uplifting to see your work.
31. caa649 wrote:
32. DilCoura wrote:
 grande trabalho, excelente resultado,parabens!!!
33. kmkagle wrote:
 chelydra - I apologize!!!! Better late than never. Love what you did with this frigate- I'm guessing there's a sad story, I have soooo much to catch up on. Anyway-a beautiful on an awesome vessel.

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