Title: Sink Hole
created on 23 Jul 13

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Comments on this picture (13):
1. Burgandy wrote:
 Very good depth and dimension to illustrate the sinkhole:)
2. indigo wrote:
 I second that... nicely done! *J*
3. Normal wrote:
 Very well shown! Hope none are near you.
4. KJLavigne wrote:
 Good depiction!
5. AFSOUTH wrote:
 Very catching! Nicely done!
6. MariaMirabelle wrote:
 love it.
7. suzze wrote:
8. Lizzi wrote:
9. clorophilla wrote:
 amazing deepness!
10. indigo wrote:
 Congratulations Bowden on TOP 5 win! *J*
11. hjjr wrote:
12. bugoy1 wrote:
 It's hard to believe you made that from face pieces! great work!
13. gimzer wrote:

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