Title: Morning light
created on 27 Jan 13


Comments on this picture (30):
1. nancylee wrote:
 Different pallet but similar esthetic. Gorgeous. Still dark here as I write, but I will think of this as it gets light.
2. marg wrote:
 awesome playback & I love how you got the lioght into this one !
3. bayofquinte wrote:
4. KJLavigne wrote:
 Muy bien hecho!
5. bluemoon wrote:
6. Lizzi wrote:
 OMG, in fruit already yet!!!
7. Normal wrote:
 Wow, wow, in fruit! Gorgeous light.
8. Hobbes wrote:
9. chelydra wrote:
10. chelydra wrote:
 The kind of picture that can only be done by someone whose soul is in excellent health, and strong enough to take charge of the act of drawing.
11. five wrote:
 truly wonderful
12. chelydra wrote:
 Most amazing is that the colors and color-combinations are so ugly, yet with the spaciousness, linear accents, composition, atmosphere, they're lovely! Alchemy!
13. chelydra wrote:
 (not at all ugly here, in case that wasn't clear)
14. Shanley wrote:
 a jewel!
15. Burgandy wrote:
16. Hazer wrote:
 Another beauty!
17. DilCoura wrote:
18. clorophilla wrote:
 Aweaome playback, love this new series and hope we'll have the whole 10 palettes!
19. priya41 wrote:
20. suzze wrote:
21. mum23 wrote:
 This is gorgeous!
22. 09adam2963 wrote:
 thats quite nice
23. DebbieBreau wrote:
 I love this one. Good for a canvas one day eh. Thanks for your creativity for us to enjoy.
24. Stella wrote:
 The lighting is wonderful.
25. methusalinka wrote:
 this takes away my breath for as long as it takes to see, and then still seeing brings it back to me. double up.deeper.
26. methusalinka wrote:
 this is it.them. de sorte træer og lyset igen.sammen hos hinanden. as a sax would sing it.maybe
27. methusalinka wrote:
 forgot to put it into English....the Black trees and light is back together with oneanother as a saz would sing it.maybe saw it Again. had to also say it Again.
28. methusalinka wrote:
 not a saz but a sax
29. methusalinka wrote:
 I envy you not the most for what you can. but so much more for what you must have learned being you.and yet your Picture is a calling. on us all.and one day we are all. there.
30. lexa wrote:
 methusa said it all :)