Title: Artic Park, Alaska
created on 11 Jan 09

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Comments on this picture (21):
1. matthew wrote:
 Where did all your pics go?
2. Login wrote:
 I really like this picture. It's as though you did it with pencils.
3. nancylee wrote:
 My favortite kind of polar bear club
4. raydog wrote:
 Looks like "Ole Man Winter" has come to stay.
5. palmasbob wrote:
 NICE!!!!qwer....NICE!!!!Infact this is really neat.
6. tiki244 wrote:
 This is nice. It looks like it is snowing and blowing.
7. farwall wrote:
 I used to doodle in school with these parallel lines. Sometimes cross hatching, then words to outline a 5 by 5 of Frank Zappa, he was soooo smart!
8. qwer wrote:
 My heart felt thanks to all of you, you are great souls.
9. nelemariin wrote:
  ma ei saa aru mis pilt see on. oleks nagu lammas lendaks sa oled palju ilusaid pilte teinud see pilt on väga ilus ma olen valinud sinu kõige ilusama pildi ja näidanud oma sõpratele
10. qwer wrote:
 Nelemariin I have no idea what you just say, as soon as I find an interpreter...but I'.. take the comment as a good sign.
11. qwer wrote:
12. Luna wrote:
 Beautifully done!
13. qwer wrote:
14. franflair wrote:
 This is so very unique and good. You have a creative mind.
15. anotherronism wrote:
 One of the best on this whole site.
16. qwer wrote:
 Thank you anotherronism, I appreciate that kind comment.
17. Scrappy wrote:
 Great work, great effects!Keep up the great work!
18. qwer wrote:
 Thank you all.
19. spritemaster wrote:
 qwer, ur pretty cool... i love all ur drawings
20. qwer wrote:
 Back at ya spritmaster
21. raydog wrote:
 Have you ever seen Mt. McKinley?It could be seen two weeks ago.

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