Title: Love Thy Neighbor
created on 16 Sep 12

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1. ANGELAotheracct wrote:
 and mow her lawn occassionally.
2. lesley_gene wrote:
 Aw, how sweet and thoughtful! :)
3. indigo wrote:
 Love her glasses and that lipstick color. We water each others lawn occasionally cause we're attached. ^J^
4. Normal wrote:
 How could you NOT?
5. AFSOUTH wrote:
6. kata wrote:
 always love thy neighbor!
7. Lizzi wrote:
 I like the eyes and the glasses. She looks like a Sunday School teacher. When I got tired of mowing, I got rid of the grass and covered my yard with shrubs and perennials. A little weeding and pruning is a lot more fun than mowing1
8. Lizzi wrote:
 If my neighbour needs a mower, I would buy her a goat!
9. pinkie wrote:
 Like the glasses and expression!
10. Angela wrote:
 ;D So agree with the goat Lizzi!
11. indigo wrote:
 I'd love a goat!! But I think the city counselors would frown at that. -J-
12. Login wrote:
 If only goats could be trained to only eat the grass ...
13. Burgandy wrote:
 Nice Reminder!
14. papergirl wrote:
 I would like to know this woman, she looks very sweet. Good job!

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