Title: fire
created on 30 Aug 12

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Comments on this picture (21):
1. methusalinka wrote:
 JA BLUEMOON THATS BEAUTIFUL thats such a beautiful way to lit a fire on bead.love it.hi from linka
2. methusalinka wrote:
 but I`m run out of faves.oly stars left.but here you also lit up my day.tak
3. chelydra wrote:
 fiercely fiery!
4. priya41 wrote:
 well done!
5. indigo wrote:
 Feel the heat! VERY nice! ^J^
6. pinkie wrote:
 Like the fiery colors in this picture!
7. golehto wrote:
 very beautiful:)
8. Burgandy wrote:
 Bursts of Flame!
9. mum23 wrote:
 Feeling the heat...
10. kata wrote:
 sizzling - dazzling - passionate - fire !
11. linmar wrote:
 beautiful! ditto all! :)
12. sandm wrote:
 warming, beautiful shine
13. brigsis wrote:
 Ditto linmar!
14. mum23 wrote:
 I just heard there'll be a bluemoon tonight... a fitting send-off for Neil Armstrong.
15. bluemoon wrote:
 thanks for all comments!
16. lesley_gene wrote:
 A beauty!
17. AFSOUTH wrote:
 Super hot!
18. golehto wrote:
 beautiful :)
19. five wrote:
 missed this one -- beautiful
20. artdillon wrote:
 thanks for your comments bluemoon.
21. Shanley wrote:
 excellent work!