Title: Mystique Morph
created on 08 Jul 12


Comments on this picture (29):
1. Arw65 wrote:
 Play >
2. nancylee wrote:
 Wonderful! X-men? I mean X-woman?
3. Arw65 wrote:
 indeed.- I was just playing around with the playback feature.- seeing if i could get her to morph.
4. bluemoon wrote:
 morphed so well!
5. AFSOUTH wrote:
 Brilliant and spectacular! Love her character and this, your presentation!
6. Normal wrote:
 Talk about change! Wow!
7. lesley_gene wrote:
 Wow!! How excellent is this!
8. pollyesther wrote:
9. clorophilla wrote:
 beautifull character and outstanding representation - the PB is awesome!
10. Miulo wrote:
 Awesome! Love the PB!^O^
11. indigo wrote:
 That's her! Good job! ^J^
12. kata wrote:
 love the presentation. So imaginative!
13. Robyntalks wrote:
14. gimzer wrote:
 I "liked" it when i saw the blue girl, but "favd" it when i watched the pb. It seems some people "recognize" the character; I do not (I don't watch movies or tv). However, this piece grabbed me from the inside... it has depth, and it speaks from a primal
15. gimzer wrote:
 gutteral emotional place.
16. gimzer wrote:
 That just seemed more apt than, "awesome".
17. mrozowski wrote:
 Awesome! Woman to villain, lovely pic and PB.
18. sheftali52 wrote:
19. clorophilla wrote:
 expecially loves the hair of the girl, the suspance of the "pause" followed by the flash of the mystique's eyes!
20. inked_gemini wrote:
 This is so cool! I've missed so much while I've been away. Including your birthday. Super, super belated happy birthday arw.
21. clorophilla wrote:
 can't believe this masterpiece has just 19 votes... it HAS to be in the top5!!
22. Robyntalks wrote:
 congrats for top 5!
23. hjjr wrote:
 just watched the pb... what a great morphing!! well done!
24. riley8 wrote:
25. clorophilla wrote:
 I keep watching at this PB... it's gorgeous! I miss you art, Arw!
26. chellalynn wrote:
27. chelydra wrote:
 W0w it really was eight years! Your old works have remained alive and well, though. We water them with our tears (wondering where you are, wondering what will become of us all)
28. bugoy1 wrote:
 The eye flash at the end is the kicker!
29. CobraKai18 wrote:
 wow that was a lot of work.