Title: And I thought I's the King of the Jungle
created on 06 May 12


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1. Arw65 wrote:
 this is excellent. i love the outlining- to reminds me of classic cartoons.
2. Meander wrote:
 Love it!
3. jennifk wrote:
4. chelydra wrote:
 wow - how'd you do that!
5. midnightpoet wrote:
 very nice!
6. KJLavigne wrote:
7. mdawrcn wrote:
 So cool. Detail is amazing.
8. marius wrote:
 Wow! Great pic. Great fun to watch the playback too!
9. Hazer wrote:
 Really enjoying your gallery,erif. I think we will see a lot of you in Top 5!
10. Lolla wrote:
 My Oh! My!!! What an artist! Thanks that we can learn from you. *****
11. arty wrote:
 Just wonderful.
12. erif wrote:
 I couldn't help but think abt d dialogue between d lion n d ring master u r most welcome 2 add ur thoughts :)
13. erif wrote:
 LION: yo man! Wassup with the whip?
14. erif wrote:
 LION: C'mon i've gotta reputation to maintain.
15. erif wrote:
 RING MASTER: Stop over reacting...
16. erif wrote:
 LION: And stop hogging all the lime light.Excuse me! Hello! Could I've some spot light too. Whats going on here?
17. pinkie wrote:
 Amazing detail!
18. Vals wrote:
 Love the outline, good pic.
19. Hobbes wrote:
20. suzze wrote:
21. marg wrote:
 brilliant -m and LOL at the commentary :)
22. FEATHERHAWK wrote:
23. lesley_gene wrote:
 My hat is off to you Erif! This is magnificent!
24. Angela wrote:
 Wonderful colours & the textures bring it off the screen!
25. AFSOUTH wrote:
 A truly outstanding circus showpiece!
26. DilCoura wrote:
27. Normal wrote:
 Tooth, claw, shiny boots..I am in awe at your patience & precision! Fun pic too.
28. indigo wrote:
 WOW!! Excellent! :)
29. golehto wrote:
 great work :)
30. Miulo wrote:
 This is GREAT!^O^
31. GMTJ wrote:
32. priya41 wrote:
 GREAT work!Amazing
33. hjjr wrote:
34. mum23 wrote:
 Fantastic! I love your style... and your gallery!
35. aleksei wrote:
 love it!
36. ellimae wrote:
 love it
37. Login wrote:
38. AFSOUTH wrote:
 Such a wonderful work! Congratulations on your top 5!
39. terra wrote:
 Congratualtion! :) And now all spots on the lighting technician:)
40. lesley_gene wrote:
 Congratulations on top 5! :)
41. farout wrote:
 Well done I will never be able to do any thing so fantastic :)
42. NuttyNut wrote:
 Wow,Wow, Wow!
43. Kara10 wrote:
 I love it! it must have taken a long time!
44. popcap wrote:
 ditto Kara10