Title: the it-girl
created on 19 Apr 12

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1. suzze wrote:
2. lesley_gene wrote:
 She has the IT factor! :)
3. Lizzi wrote:
 Ditto LG. This is an IT girl. Definitely.
4. Normal wrote:
 You've clearly got the attitude! All you need now is talent.
5. hjjr wrote:
 nice -- kind of looks like Courtney Love
6. Login wrote:
 You are a star ... you're on TD.
7. Arw65 wrote:
 Thank you for you kind words :) I spent a great deal of time reading your blog- I'd love to be able to do the things you do with water color- and using ink too- genius!
8. Arw65 wrote:
  I love to paint- acrylic!(oil smells and takes forever) but I feel like i'm failing- i have no idea what i'm doing. anyways- your blog is quite an interesting read and i hope you stay here in TD land!- im sure i could learn tons!
9. clorophilla wrote:
10. linmar wrote:
11. bluemoon wrote:

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