Title: Just longing..play ;)
created on 09 Mar 12

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1. bagel wrote:
2. clorophilla wrote:
 LOL...! It could be my Kim: not so skinny to truly need all that meals she's always asking for!
3. mdawrcn wrote:
4. oliviawottonjeweller wrote:
 Yep that sounds like ours Clo! The way they dash for the food at meal times you would think they hadn't eaten for yrs!! ;)
5. DilCoura wrote:
6. Normal wrote:
 Well shown, Olivia!
7. Lizzi wrote:
 Adorable! She's only a little chubby.Even tho my cats are allowed outside and always have a dish of dry food for snacking, they still find breakfast the most exciting time of day.
8. oliviawottonjeweller wrote:
 Thanks Lizzi..the funny thing is I didn't even think she was over weight until reading the comments!!;) Our two are aloud outside too, :) but our little girl Bu often sits on the window ledge talking to the big birds she sees..I think she's too lovely to
9. oliviawottonjeweller wrote:
 -go outside & try to eat them!! ;)
10. tinkerer wrote:
 Hi Olivia . . . thought I'd put this note here, too . . . no computer program on my madness, all by hand . . . drag and drop. Can't do two at exactly the same time, just one after the other and it goes so quickly that it seems to be at the same time. Have
11. tinkerer wrote:
 to concentrate and that turns my mind off from other thigns. Love your cat . . . we've got three cats and our calico is sitting at "her" window right now, "talking" to the birds. Beautiful weather today and she wants out to play.
12. oliviawottonjeweller wrote:
 Thanks Tinkerer! I have replied under your pic! ;) Ah, we did have three until New Yrs Eve..we had to have Nalo Chipo pts...she had kidney failure but was the most amazing cat ever. I am hoping to get better on TD so I can attempt to draw her. :)
13. tinkerer wrote:
 Sorry to hear about Nalo Chipo pts . . . always so hard to lose one! We have Mathilde, Suzi (black & white), and Ted (flame point Persian). I'll have to get good enough to try them all here, too.
14. oliviawottonjeweller wrote:
 Thanks, it was horrendous. She had lived with me for 8yrs & we had been though so much together, she really was special..I could tell stories about her all day. Cute names! Ow would love to see TD pics of them all! :) Ours are all moggies & were all stray
15. oliviawottonjeweller wrote:
 -or removed from previous owner :( Nalo was blk&white, Bubo Mudo is tabby & white & his twin sis is semi-long haired blk,white & tabby. We should ask Five if they will draw our cats!! Although I am sure she is probably sick of drawing cats now!! Such a go
16. oliviawottonjeweller wrote:
 -good series! :)
17. suzze wrote:

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