Title: For the Invisible Children
created on 07 Mar 12

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1. gimzer wrote:
 Please vote for this pic and make it a favorite, not because it is that good, but because it is that right.
2. gimzer wrote:
3. bluemoon wrote:
4. gimzer wrote:
 Thank you
5. bluemoon wrote:
6. bluemoon wrote:
 the link is to the video
7. gimzer wrote:
 There's no way a person could watch the video and NOT do something.
8. gimzer wrote:
 Thank you!
9. Angela wrote:
 This world is a mess.
10. gair wrote:
 You got my vote, thanks.
11. gimzer wrote:
 THEY got your vote. Thank YOU!
12. mdawrcn wrote:
rld/world/story/10828752/ I hope the pressure doesn't decrease.
13. gimzer wrote:
14. distracted wrote:
 This has become and will remain my profile picture on Facebbook until at least April 20th. Help inform more people, consider doing something similar???
15. gimzer wrote:
 It is my facebook picture as well. Thank you.
16. OliviaW wrote:
 I am starting a campain to raise awareness in my academy.Great picture
17. gimzer wrote:
 Fantastic for you, Olivia!
18. gimzer wrote:
 Thank you all on behalf of the cause. Today this pic moved up to new gallery . The TD community is building awareness one vote at a time.
19. priya41 wrote:
 i have voted, a very small gesture for a great cause!
20. indigo wrote:
 Count me in. -L-
21. suzze wrote:
22. oliviawottonjeweller wrote:
 Hum just come back & seen I didn't comment when I voted when you did this, the subject makes me very upset & I find it hard to 'voice' that. :( Anyway I am surprised this only has 18 votes?? Maybe people are voting on your other pictures re; Kony? x
23. gimzer wrote:
 @ olivia... I would have liked to seen it get top 5 just to create awareness, but I don't know that that's meant to happen. I AM happy that it got a little visibility, and it helped a FEW people become aware. Let's hope on April 20 that a whole bunch of
24. gimzer wrote:
 TD artists have similar thoughts :)
25. Robyntalks wrote:
 Welcome to the Elephant Gallery!