Title: A Birth
created on 16 Dec 11

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Comments on this picture (15):
1. hjjr wrote:
 dramatic with few pieces, nicely done
2. Angela wrote:
3. GMTJ wrote:
 really good work
4. linmar wrote:
 well done!
5. 13579 wrote:
6. clorophilla wrote:
 very clever, beautiful sketch
7. Burgandy wrote:
 Speaks volumes!
8. DilCoura wrote:
 Muito bom!
9. 56rosie wrote:
 very nice
10. sandm wrote:
 :)..which pieces for which result.. by intention of the artist. Creative work.
11. 13579 wrote:
12. Shanley wrote:
 ditto Hjjr!
13. suzze wrote:
14. priya41 wrote:
 i had missed this, very nice ,VERY WELL DONE!
15. Lynne wrote: