Title: New Gothic
created on 16 Sep 11

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1. Ilikecolor wrote:
 I made this to try out the new shapes, to say "hi" to everyone and to share a great dog video...DANCING COUPLE <http://sorisomail.com/email/7429
2. Ilikecolor wrote:
 Oops - better link... http://sorisomail.com/email
3. Ilikecolor wrote:
 ARRRGGG!!! I'll get ir right! try THIS link instead. dancing couple sorisomail email 7429
4. bluemoon wrote:
 Hello there! Nice pic.
5. Ilikecolor wrote:
 ...get "it" right!!! Oh forget it! Have a nice weekend everyone! :D :D :D
6. katpedro wrote:
 U have a great one 2 Ilikecolour.
7. Ilikecolor wrote:
 Hello bluemoon! Thanks! I know how to spell and use a computer, I really do, but maybe I need to invest in a "Speak & Spell" just to help me out a little. LOL! :D
8. Ilikecolor wrote:
 Thank you katpedro! :)
9. lesley_gene wrote:
 Glad to see you back and having fun!
10. Ilikecolor wrote:
 Thank you lesley gene!
11. Ilikecolor wrote:
 This one should work... http://sorisomail.com/ema
12. Burgandy wrote:
 Great to see you here!!!! Thanks for catching up, and keep up with you great work:)
13. KJLavigne wrote:
 Very pretty design!
14. Ilikecolor wrote:
 Thank you!

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