Title: Making A Memory
created on 08 Jun 11

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1. mdawrcn wrote:
 The low voting bandit strikes again. It was not me. This is wonderful! Makes me smile.
2. AFSOUTH wrote:
 Spectacular and wonderful! Following with a pure heart!
3. clorophilla wrote:
 really lovely!
4. pinkie wrote:
 Interesting and attractive picture. Would make a good cover for a book!
5. jennifk wrote:
 This is sweet and adorable!
6. Lizzi wrote:
 Pinkie is right! This is so good, so colourful and happy! The windy-ness of the day is so evident in both water and sky.
7. gimzer wrote:
8. Chrissyjoy wrote:
 Such an endearing cute scene!
9. Willow wrote:
 Oh, how darling is this?!
10. baby wrote:
 Love it!
11. mum23 wrote:
 Love the title as well as the pic... you've captured the essence of childhood. Love it!
12. Shanley wrote:
 beautifully done!
13. solange62 wrote:
 Ditto Pinkie, wonderful pic!
14. hanging wrote:
 How lovely!
15. redlilypad4 wrote:
16. indigo wrote:
 I LOVE this!!
17. KJLavigne wrote:
18. lesley_gene wrote:
 Thank you all so very much! :)
19. Login wrote:
 Yes, I can see it as the cover for a childrens book. It's captivating.
20. lahoffman wrote:
 wow. very nice. i saw this picture is in the top 5
21. kleinrock wrote:
 thank u 4 your comment i really like your pictures 3D i wish i could do that
22. Gemini8 wrote:
 Cute! This is great!
23. Burgandy wrote:
 Such a charming picture of the past! You are artistic from the get-go:)
24. methusalinka wrote:
 ...and giving us that you share it with us.tak lesley gene and big smile from lin ka...who just has such a short moment here with the web.and still no web at home.but here`s: my missing you..so.and love your picture.borrow it with me.home that is I may...
25. methusalinka wrote:
 oops forgot that is if I may...its so lovely.
26. DilCoura wrote:
 Acredita? não tinha visto essa coisa fofa!!!!
27. AFSOUTH wrote:
  Just going thru my 103 page's of Favorite's. What a treat!