Title: wasp
created on 07 Jun 11

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Comments on this picture (19):
1. mdawrcn wrote:
 Very nice!
2. Saxon wrote:
 Hate wasps, love the picture!
3. jennifk wrote:
 really excellent!!!
4. Lizzi wrote:
 This is SO good! The wings are so delicate and I can see them fanning!
5. clorophilla wrote:
 your pics have a touch so natural!
6. pinkie wrote:
 This is very realistic- well done!!
7. hanging wrote:
 Ditto Lizzi!
8. Arw65 wrote:
9. abror wrote:
 Thank you guys!
10. marius wrote:
 Adore this!
11. marg wrote:
 wow - this is stunning - just saw it on jigsawdoku and it dragged me in !
12. AFSOUTH wrote:
 Great looking work!
13. Login wrote:
 Ooo ... this is good.
14. Normal wrote:
 I somehow missed this! So clever and well drawn!
15. lesley_gene wrote:
 Congratulations on top 5!
16. abror wrote:
 I am so surprised that I got it. I am overseas right now and it is very pleasant news. Thank you all for your respondes.
17. NADIA wrote:
 This is Fantastic!I love it!
18. hjjr wrote:
19. DilCoura wrote:
 È impressionante a perfeição,nota 10!!!!

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