Title: thinking of what technology can't do...
created on 19 Feb 11

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1. laloswz wrote:
 Look so great! Love it!
2. hanging wrote:
 For Mugdots Challenge 76 (LXXVI): Opposites meet http://www.thinkdraw.com/forum
3. Burgandy wrote:
 Great scene, with an excellent title!!!! Let's not lose sight of what is all around us!
4. 56rosie wrote:
 FABULOUS Mountain Lake Scene!! WOW...looks like a photo!!
5. mecanc wrote:
 Absolutely beautiful!
6. clorophilla wrote:
 well done!
7. Login wrote:
 It's a beauty.
8. katpedro wrote:
 Looking at what you can do. Great.
9. pinkie wrote:
 Very nice scene. Like the layers on the mountain!
10. hjjr wrote:
 magnificent mountain scene ...
11. mekeys wrote:
12. DilCoura wrote:
 Ficou linda a montanha refletida.Parabens!!!
13. mdawrcn wrote:
 Very nice!
14. golehto wrote:
 just beautiful :)
15. solange62 wrote:
16. TakoTaku wrote:
 Beautiful. love this piece :0)
17. bluemoon wrote:
18. Ilikecolor wrote:
19. coho wrote:
 I think everyday of all the things technology Can't do, The times I feel most alive are places where technology is at a bare minimum, like a camp fire.
20. Hazer wrote:
 Beautifully done!
21. gremmy wrote:
 A definite favorite here, and technology could never replace it! Great work.
22. NADIA wrote:
 Nature is the best,and this pic is Gorgeous!
23. Angela wrote:
 :o This is stunning!
24. courairacema wrote:
 adorei , é nota 1.0000
25. maloo wrote:
 HOLY SHMOKES!!!!!!!! Awesome!!! I'd like to sit down in those woods.
26. indigo wrote:
27. lesley_gene wrote:
 Absolutely Beautiful! Amazing what you created! Thanks to for the comment on my pic.
28. Qsilv wrote:
 (smiles) love it
29. KJLavigne wrote:
 Wow! Great reflection.
30. 311e wrote:
31. carol_ec wrote:
 Stunning - just as it would be in real life.
32. Lei7 wrote:
 Amazing! Great job! A BIG AMEN to the title of your picture.