Title: family
created on 02 Jan 11


Comments on this picture (43):
1. zum117 wrote:
 its unbelievable wonderful job
2. Geetha wrote:
 Wonderful and perfect family, love it.
3. hjjr wrote:
 sweet candy family!
4. suzze wrote:
 very good:)
5. katpedro wrote:
 This is a beautiful pic. Well done.
6. Login wrote:
 Fabulous ... so believable.
7. DilCoura wrote:
 Uma familia perfeita! parabens!!
8. nancylee wrote:
 This is amazing!
9. mdawrcn wrote:
 Very good!
10. Kakieloo wrote:
 Wow, this is wonderful!
11. MUTHU wrote:
12. pinkie wrote:
 Well done!
13. artdillon wrote:
 great result from candy.
14. Qsilv wrote:
 splendid figures and feeling!
15. jennifk wrote:
 this is wonderful!
16. hanging wrote:
 can hear their voices and laughter!
17. Chrissyjoy wrote:
 Really special!
18. Normal wrote:
 So very nicely done!
19. clorophilla wrote:
 amazing silouettes, delightful playback, very very clever!
20. mekeys wrote:
 Ditto all comments..
21. 56rosie wrote:
 Beautiful sillouette of a family! WOW..
22. kerrynsims wrote:
 Wow Thats So Cool. Love It!
23. Jason15 wrote:
 that is one fine sillouette you have you self there mr kman !!!!!
24. bluemoon wrote:
25. mrozowski wrote:
 Very well done. The PB is really good.
26. Brunnhilde wrote:
27. Riadevani wrote:
28. mum23 wrote:
 Wonderful work - their poses are so lifelike! Great feeling!
29. skynyrd wrote:
30. Hazer wrote:
 Love how you achieved the motion in this pic with those 2 pieces!
31. ansara wrote:
32. annesophie wrote:
 Love it!
33. golehto wrote:
 congrads top 5 :)
34. mdawrcn wrote:
 Congratulations on Top 5! Well done.
35. Geetha wrote:
 Congrats on top 5.
36. hxxhxx wrote:
 amazing how you got all those details for body silhouettes
37. jenessa231 wrote:
 that is awesome!
38. sarina wrote:
 that is cool ;)
39. fehzaan wrote:
 i love the pitcher it is wonderfull it is very nice
40. fehzaan wrote:
 that is shoking it is wonderfull
41. batman19 wrote:
 I can really feel the love coming from that pic<3
42. artgirlz wrote:
43. bagel wrote:
 good detail in the faces.