Title: Ben Stiller?
created on 03 Dec 10

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Comments on this picture (17):
1. Geetha wrote:
 I am able to get his name, but very well done.
2. Geetha wrote:
 Lol, I meant, I am not able to.
3. mrozowski wrote:
 Bond? James Bond? Whomever, it is amazing in fruit.
4. polenta wrote:
 amazing really in fruit. He looks like someone from the XIX Century... like Chopin etc.
5. Brunnhilde wrote:
 Wow! I've been trying to make faces, and the more I fail the more admiration I have for you and others who succeed.
6. arty wrote:
 Oh my, who voted down. Glad I could bring it up.I'm a moron, did not know who this was. Had to look him up. Well done.
7. pollyesther wrote:
 This one would be hard to guess, doesn't look quite like him.
8. indigo wrote:
 Something about him makes me think of Pierce Brosnan...Nicely done polly!
9. artdillon wrote:
 with that jawline maybe gordon brown??
10. suzze wrote:
 Wonderful pic!
11. clorophilla wrote:
 I'd see another Ben... Affleck!
12. Shanley wrote:
 love the technique and contrasts !
13. autumn wrote:
 its Randy Travis!
14. skill wrote:
15. five wrote:
 well done.
16. mekeys wrote:
 Well done.."5"+
17. hanging wrote:
 Wooo, I'd missed this one. Love the way how you used the background. Very nice.