Title: 221st day(uno land continued)
created on 17 Oct 10

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1. Shanley wrote:
2. zum117 wrote:
 الجزء العشرون مائتان وواحد وعشرون يوما السفبنه تصل لمحطتها التاليه قريه جميله هادئه نظيفه ينزل حسن حاملا معه ماتبقى من بضاعته والعديد من ال
3. zum117 wrote:
 الهدايا التى حصل عليها الناس تتهافت على المشغولات الذهبيه وحسن يزداد سعاده يوم بعد يوم ولكن فجاءه بكاء وحزن واشخاص يجرون يمينا ويسارا
4. zum117 wrote:
 حسن يتسائل فيجيبه احدهم صبى لدغه عقرب ولا احد يعرف كيف ينقذه حسن يجرى مسرعا الى بيت الصبى فيجده مذعور ويبدوعليه علامات التسمم حسن يقترب من ا
5. zum117 wrote:
 الصبى ويطمانه بانه نادرا ما يموت احد من لدغه العقرب ويخبر اهله بانه قادر على معالجتهويطلب منهم عشب مسمى بالمره وملح وسكر يسحب الدم من مكان ا
6. zum117 wrote:
 اللدغه بفمه ثم يضع غليه الخليط السابق ويلفه وينصح والده باعطاءه العسل حتى اليوم التالى يشعر الصبى بتحسن ويبدو ذلك على وجهه فيشكره الاب على ح
7. kyung wrote:
 Who is willing to translate these words to me?
8. methinks wrote:
 Zum117 usually provides us with an English version within a couple of days. The story is quite fantastic and has been unfolding over many drawings, now.
9. mum23 wrote:
 Intriguing picture... I love the look of it!
10. robotman wrote:
 wow..this looks really good
11. zum117 wrote:
 part 20: 221st day.the ship went to shore on nuno harbor,hasan took his big share of the gifts after he split some with the crew and went down to the village selling his goods
12. zum117 wrote:
 the crew just told the hero story to almost everyone in that village people were looking for hasan & buying all his goods just to meet the hero & talk to him
13. zum117 wrote:
 hasan is happier day by day..but suddenly crying ,sadness & shouting all over the village made the people gather at the village center wondering what's the cause
14. zum117 wrote:
 a crew member asked hasan in a hurry can u cure a scorpion byte?a kid is dying.hasan answered take me to him quick.at the boy house hasan calmed him down: don't worry now we'll deal with that it's really rare when someone dies because of that just don't p
15. zum117 wrote:
 don't panic.hasan shouted every body find me a herb called Commiphora myrrha..the whole crew went asking spice dealers until one knew it & helped them to get the herb
16. zum117 wrote:
 meanwhile hasan being bitten so many times in his old hut sucked the spoiled blood out of the wound & treated the boy perfectly till the boy went to sleep..feed him a lot of honey hasan said leaving the boy's house ..i'll visit him tomorrow
17. Normal wrote:
 Stunningly beautiful scorpion!
18. Lizzi wrote:
 Beautiful scorpion and I am still enjoying your story. You asked about FT - means Fun Tuesday. Somebody picks a theme for the day and we try to draw that. Today we are confused - we have 3. Goth faces, using backgrounds in unusual ways and hairdos.
19. katy8 wrote:
 عمل صوره ليكي زى العسل
20. katy8 wrote:
 باين انك بتستكشفي من جوا
21. indigo wrote:
 Fantastic scorpion!
22. Login wrote:
 An excellent scorpion.

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