Title: 200day(uno land continued)
created on 15 Oct 10

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1. Geetha wrote:
 wow! great
2. polenta wrote:
3. indigo wrote:
4. Lizzi wrote:
 She looks very intense. I like the 'bejewelled' headdress.
5. mdawrcn wrote:
6. suzze wrote:
 Very good, well done!
7. hanging wrote:
 Beautiful woman and pic!
8. ansara wrote:
 Beautiful!! :)
9. ansara wrote:
 I just saw the playback, WOW, this was lots of work!!! :)
10. sheftali52 wrote:
 Very alluring!!!
11. hjjr wrote:
12. zum117 wrote:
 الجزء التسع عشر اليوم حشد كبير من الناس يتجمع حول حسن لا احد يستطيع الوصول اليه حملوه على الاكتاف فرحه وصياح فى كل مكان الكل يتسابق لاستضافه
13. zum117 wrote:
 حسن عنده حسن يخبرهم بانه لابد لهم من انتشال جسد الوحش ودفنه حتى لا يسمم الماء والكل فى زهول عمده المدينه يستضيف حسن وكانه ملك متوجوالكل يتله
14. zum117 wrote:
 يتسابق لخدمته حسن ينام اسعد ليله فى حياته لقد استطاع ان ينقذ الفتاه لقد استطاع ان يسعد كل هؤلاء الناس تلك هى السعاده تلك هى الحياه
15. zum117 wrote:
 اليوم التالى تحضر الفتاه الى حسن لتشكره مع والداها وهو من اغنى اغنياء القريه والذى يعرض عليه ان يزوجه ابنته ويعطيه نصف ماله جزاء لمافعله له
16. zum117 wrote:
 ولابنته وللقريه حسن يخبرهم بان له زوجه تنتظره وهو يحلم بالعوده لهاحسن يرفض اخذ اى اموال فيقوم اهل القريه باهداء حسن افضل المشغولات الذهبيه
17. zum117 wrote:
 ويقوم والد الفتاه باهداء حسن افضل واندر فرس عربى لديه حسن لا يستطيع رفض الهدايا امام اصرار اهل القريه المحتشدون ليودعوا حسن وياملوا عودته ف
18. ansara wrote:
 So now they are having these wonderful horses...will Hasan go home, or will he travel again? :)
19. debray wrote:
 Exotic beauty!!
20. zum117 wrote:
 he will continue his trip I"ll continue the story here I'm so sorry for late
21. ansara wrote:
 Oh, doesn't matter! I used the Google-translater, I had to think a bit about the translation, lol, but it worked, so don't hurry! :)
22. zum117 wrote:
 part 19:a lot of crowd..everybody wants to salute & invite hasan they can't reach him they carry him on shoulders like a prince hasan just shouted to stop them & ask them to bury that body floating on the river..it could poison the water he shouted
23. zum117 wrote:
 the mayor invited hasan & treated him like a king..he slept the best night of his life ..this is happiness ..he saved life ..he made all this people happy
24. zum117 wrote:
 .the next day the girl came to hasan with her father he was one of the richest people in town..he offered hasan half of his wealth & to marry his daughter ..hasan just said thanks i'm married & i didn't do it for a reward.
25. zum117 wrote:
 the father gave hasan the best horse he had & the people insisted to fill half the boat with the best golden artwork they have..hasan couldn't stop any of that the whole crew of the boat were happy that they have this hero with them
26. zum117 wrote:
 the boat left the harbor with all that crowd cheering and singing for hasan wishing him the best luck in his next trip...wishing him to visit them again one day
27. zum117 wrote:
 one of the crew shouted..this horse is a genuine Arabian horse..it's more valuable than the ship that carry him..everybody laughed while the ship moves to the next stop..Nuno Village
28. danila wrote:
29. giti wrote:
 beautiful job

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