Title: A Drop in the Ocean
created on 09 Oct 10

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Comments on this picture (12):
1. danila wrote:
2. nedadancer101 wrote:
 wayyy kool:)
3. stevedover1965 wrote:
 Thank you danila, that is high praise from you, your pictures are really fantastic too.
4. bhughes wrote:
 Very beautiful indeed.
5. hanging wrote:
6. debray wrote:
 Sooo gorgeous!!! What are the numbers about??
7. stevedover1965 wrote:
 The numbers are for the theme showcase
8. clorophilla wrote:
 This is tooooooo nice, I'll have to kitch off some pic from my FAVs!
9. pino wrote:
 very beautiful
10. arty wrote:
 An explosion of colour and artistic talent. What a joy.
11. bluemoon wrote:
 excellent picture.
12. Shanley wrote:
 interesting pic