Title: 150th day(uno land continued)
created on 08 Oct 10

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1. zum117 wrote:
 Part 15:(150th day) the princess is almost done with hasan's education..she is concentrating now on how to talk & make conversations with others, to be generous & helpfull
2. zum117 wrote:
 hasan started to walk talk & behave like a prince..she have done a perfect job...now it's up to hasan to use the education & wisdom that he learned and start to make his new life
3. zum117 wrote:
 he goes downtown every day to meet the new friends that he made in the last month..& they all respect him and like his generosity, kindness..
4. zum117 wrote:
 one day hasan came back home sad so he sat down by a tree & kept thinking about his new friends..some of them are merchants..others are fishermen..& the last part of them they just disappeared for a week & he found out today that they are sailors
5. Lizzi wrote:
 She is a very determined girl!!
6. Lizzi wrote:
 I LOVE your tree.
7. zum117 wrote:
 they all go out working to support families..different jobs but they all have 1 purpose..can he do that..can he give instead of taking...
8. zum117 wrote:
 he went home very late and the princess was worried so she questioned him until he told her about his thoughts & that he would like to work. the princess smiled & told him that this is the day that he finish learning from her..& start learning from real l
9. kyung wrote:
 Wow! I love this story! Waiting for next one...
10. bluemoon wrote:
 so pretty!
11. hanging wrote:
 Lovely scene and beautiful colors.
12. polenta wrote:
 very pretty
13. suzze wrote:
 This is Gorgeous! My daughter been enjoying your story and always asks if you have done another part of it. She sends a Ty to U.
14. Shanley wrote:
 nice work!
15. clorophilla wrote:
 Is this an original story? I can't follow the tale, but it seems interesting... and this pic is gorgeous!
16. zum117 wrote:
 الجزء الخامس عشر الشهر الخامس 150 يوم للاميره وهى تعلم حسن كل ماتعلمته والان هى تعلمه كيف يتكلم مع الناس وكيف يمشى وان يكون متعاونا كريما خفب
17. zum117 wrote:
 حسن بدا وكانه اميريتكلم بحساب يتحرك بحرص يلبس بشكل لائق وهنا اتمت الاميره دورها على اكمل وجه وعلى حسن ان يستخدم المعرفه والحكمه وكل ماتعلمه
18. zum117 wrote:
 ليصنع لنفسه حياه جديده بدا حسن فى النرول الى المدينه كل يوم وبدا يتعرف على بعض الاصدقاء الذين وفق فى اخياره فى هذا الشهر الاخيرانهم يحبونه
19. zum117 wrote:
 فى احد الايام عاد حسن متاخرا وقد بدا عليه الحزن فسالته الاميره وعيناها مليئتان بالقلق اين كنت فاجابها لقد كنت اتعبنى التفكير لابد ان اعمل وه
20. clorophilla wrote:
 ahem... I'm in trouble with the last 3 comments :-) and, about the chameleon: what story? I don't know any story about chameleons... Hanging is the name of a TDer...
21. zum117 wrote:
 sorry for the mess here...i was answering your question about uno land story (the comment you sent me)
22. robotman wrote:
 nice spot for forgetting sorrow...can u give me the address plz... lol
23. sheftali52 wrote:
 Lovely! and thanks for the encouragement, zum117!
24. hjjr wrote:
 lovely pic. . .
25. Lizzi wrote:
 I am so impressed by the way you have used colour in this picture!!!

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